Bring Back the Memories. Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Bring Back the Memories. Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Memories Left in Our Hands: Casey Cuff

June 1 - July 2, 2017

Free Opening Reception: Second Friday, June 9, 6:00 - 8:00pm

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With this exhibition, photographer Casey Cuff pays tribute to the survivors of one of the darkest times in our recent history - the Holocaust. As a participant on the Stockton Study Tour to the Netherlands and France in March 2017, Casey had the unique opportunity to travel with three people who were hidden children during the Holocaust. Along with her classmates, she traced the life stories of these survivors, as well as the children of victims, by visiting cities and locations that played a critical role in their survival. On her journey, she uncovered the ways the experiences of the Holocaust shaped their lives. For some, their story had been shared many times with students of the Holocaust and genocide studies. For others, this was the first time they exposed themselves to the emotion of returning to what they once called home.

Casey Cuff is a self-taught photographer living in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Cuff has combined her interest in nature and outdoor activities with her interest in fine art and photography. She uses digital imaging processes to create photographic prints of fine quality. These techniques can be used to create large photographs with incredible detail and sharpness. In her work, she often uses light to reveal the intriguing textures and details found in nature, specializing in slow exposure photography and capturing waterfalls, sunsets, and city lights.

Cuff was selected by the Stockton Board of Trustees Fellowship for the Distinguished Students program. This initiative, established in 1986, supports student-led projects of undergraduate research or creative work in keeping with the educational philosophy and mission of Stockton University. Cuff used this opportunity to create Memories Left in our Hands, in an effort to capture the raw emotion of what it means to confront the realities of one’s past. With her project, she aims to examine the ways that human beings are capable of treating one another after establishing them as the “other”. Her Fellowship work is a testament not only to the amazing resiliency of human beings faced with unimaginable horrors, but also to the dark past we must continue to recollect and progress from.

"As our community of living Holocaust survivors is rapidly fading away, it had become increasingly important for us to continue their stories. In Western Europe, Maud Dahme, Leo Ullman, and Dan Kochavi left their memories of the Holocaust in my hands. Through these photographs, I leave them in yours. What will you do now with these memories you hold?" - Casey Cuff

Artist's Website

The Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center at Stockton University

Study Tour to Netherlands and France Spring Break 2017

 Amy Petrie, photograph

Amy Petrie, photograph

NJ MEGA MEET: The Exhibition

May 12 - May 31, 2017

Free Opening Reception: Second Friday, May 12, 6:00 - 8:00pm

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The NJ Mega Meet, a meet-up of local photographers and artists, was created with the intention of connecting photographers from various regions across the state of New Jersey. While each of us sees the world through a unique set of eyes, art has the potential to bring us together in the shared pursuit of creation and humanity.

NJ MEGA MEET: The Exhibition was curated by Atlantic City based artist The Moon Beast (TMB), Mo Colon. TMB plays an active and passionate role in Atlantic City's newly developed Arts District in Ducktown. As an artist and human, Colon is dedicated to bettering and empowering the community through art and culture. TMB is also the co-founder of Ocean 1, a streetwear boutique located inside the Noyes Arts Garage.

This exhibition features the phenomenal artwork of 22 local photographers. The Moon Beast partnered with other popular Instagram profiles, such as @SouthJerseyAdventures, @JerseyCollective, @NJSpots, and @NewJerseyIsntBoring, to reach photographers and artists from across the entire state of New Jersey and the greater tri-state area.

 Jacob Wolos

Jacob Wolos

Reverse of Motion: Jacob Wolos

April 7 - April 29, 2017


Free Opening Reception: Second Friday, April 14, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Jacob Wolos is an artist obsessed with the impossible task of instilling motion into static media. Coming from a background in both musical composition and sculpture, his current body of work explores human gesture, our interaction with material, as the primary focus of his compositions.

Wolos' work is performative in nature, as he uses the gallery space as an "open studio.” He experiments with fabric dipped in plaster, as a record of his movement and influence on the fabric. When it dries, it keeps its shape and ends up defying gravity. On these pieces, he drips dyes and inks, and then brings in dancers to choreograph a performance with the pieces.


Metamorphosis. The Human Stories: Works by Stephanie Luening

February 22- March 26, 2017

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Stockton University and the Noyes Arts Garage present works by Eva Harut and Stephanie Luening, two artists who are also participating in an international symposium at Stockton University entitled Metamorphosis. The Human Stories. Curated by Mariana Smith, Asst. Prof. of Art, Printmaking, Stockton University.

Stephanie Luening

Stephanie Luening, a multimedia artist working in Dresden, Germany, will present works on paper and an artist performance creating a site-specific wax object, a series which she started in June 2016. This project has been realized in Armenia, Germany, Poland, and England. 

Eva Harut is a multimedia artist, journalist, and writer, working in Dresden Germany. Her installation/performance holds historical references to a connection between the events of the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the present. It symbolizes the Armenians as refugees scattered around the world; the Armenians who remained in Turkey, but were forced to hide their origin; and the Armenians who adopted a different nationality in other countries. However, though based on the history of 1915, this installation addresses the current migration crisis.

 Hulda Robbins,  Downbeach Ranch,  Oil on canvas

Hulda Robbins, Downbeach Ranch, Oil on canvas

Noyes Museum Permanent Collection:

Hulda Robbins   

December 7, 2016 – February 12, 2017

Free Opening Reception: "Second Friday," December 8, 6:00 - 8:00pm

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Born in 1910, Hulda Robbins attended the Philadelphia Museum’s School of Industrial Arts from 1928-1929. While visiting Germany, Robbins entered the Prussian Academy of Art in Berlin and studied there from 1929-1931. She was inspired by Kathe Kollwitz, a German painter, printmaker and sculptor whose work captured a harsh account of the human condition in the early 20th century. Upon returning to the United States, she studied at the Barnes Foundation in 1939, and later moved to New York City to live and work as an artist. Robbins became a prolific printmaker producing many series of serigraphs, lithographs and woodcut prints throughout the 1940s, 50s and the early 60s. She would often visit her family’s home at the Jersey Shore, and in 1963 she moved there. The shore provided many of the subjects that she would capture in her large expressive oils. Included in the exhibition are Floating and Downbeach Ranch, reminiscent of earlier times spent at the beach.

 Yujin Song,  Summer Hops,  Acrylic 

Yujin Song, Summer Hops, Acrylic 

Yujin Song

November 4 – November 29, 2016

Yujin Song is a painter from Jeju, South Korea. Currently an exchange student at Stockton University, she is visiting from Jeju National University. Her artwork, on view in the AC Gallery at the Arts Garage from November 5 – 29, is a form of documentation, capturing the moment of a personal connection or a strong emotion. “I switched from painting people to depicting places, after realizing that portraits limit my ability to tell a story,” Song states.

Focus on Economic Inequality: A Community Exhibition

Noyes Arts Garage, Atlantic City
October 8 - 30, 2016

Panel Discussion followed by Awards and Reception:

October 14 at 4:00pm - Click here for Program
Free and open to the public

Econ Ineq_IMG_6454_2 cropped.jpg

This juried exhibition provides an opportunity for artists to share their visual exploration of economic inequality today. This event is part of Stockton University’s Economic Inequality Initiative (co-chaired by Carra Leah Hood, Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of Writing, and Oliver Cooke, Associate Professor of Economics) and aims to engage educational institutions and the wider community in discussing, debating, documenting, and exploring the complex causes and consequences of economic inequality in the United States.

Stockton’s initiative is part of a national three-year initiative launched by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in September 2014 and reflects the burgeoning national discourse and research on economic inequality that has emerged since the onset of the Great Recession in 2007 and the associated financial crisis. The initiative involves over twenty colleges and universities across the country. Participating institutions take part in national conversations about economic inequality and have a role in developing interactive curricula and experiential learning modules and experiences—via multiple mediums and across the disciplines—that allow community members to study, discuss, and explore the complex relationships between economic inequality, economic opportunity, social mobility, identity, and public policy.

Additional information about Stockton’s Economic Inequality Initiative may be found at: 

Those interested in perusing articles and resources related to economic
inequality can visit Stockton’s Economic Inequality blog

Stockton University professors: Oliver Cooke, Associate Professor of Economics, Carra Leah Hood, Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of Writing, and Michael McGarvey, Professor of Art.


Sponsors: Stockton University’s Economic Inequality Initiative, Office of the President, Office of the Provost,  Visual Arts Program, Stockton Art Gallery, Noyes Arts Garage and 2020 Initiative. Special thanks to Michael Cagno, Executive Director of the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University.

Questions? Contact Exhibition Coordinator: Denise McGarvey, Stockton University
609-652-4566 or

Tyrone Hart: Urban Justice & Urban Life

August 6 – October 2, 2016

Artwork by Tyrone Hart, a self-taught artist who lives and works in Atlantic City, will be on view in both the AC Art Gallery and Osprey Gallery through October 2.  Hart paints scenes depicting lives of black Americans; narrative illustrations of families dining together, folks at houses of worship and children at play as well as expressive, impressionistic work alive with color and symbolism.  Hart's illustrations appear on the cover of "The Northside: African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City," the second book about Atlantic City's past by Nelson Johnson, whose first book, New York Times bestseller "Boardwalk Empire," was adapted into the popular HBO series.

Ed Kent: From My Garage

June 30 - July 28, 2016

An exhibition of artwork by Ed Kent, entitled From My Garage, will be on view in the Atlantic City Gallery through July 28.  Kent, of Buffalo, NY, has an extensive background in engineering; he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and later earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. During the course of his studies, Kent expanded his design skills by taking various art focused coursework.  More recently, he studied at the Fleischer Art Memorial in Philadelphia.

The use of multiple dimensions and media opens up an endless world of possibilities. My studio is my garage, every piece is an experiment, and the process is a source of great enjoyment. - Ed Kent

Inner Workings by Allyson Block

May 26 - June 26, 2016

Allyson Block is a New Jersey based visual artist, working in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting and mixed-media sculptures. Creating artwork provides Block with a sense of discovery. Each blank canvas offers a chance to use color, shape and form to organize and express herself. Block's feelings are often reflected in one plane, but sometimes the complexity of life requires the use of more than one dimension.

Allyson graduated from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She also received a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a law degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Allyson has also studied at the SUNY Empire State College Studio Semester Program, Chautauqua Institution School of Art, and the Art Students League in New York City. Allyson has shown her work in galleries throughout the United States.

Flags for PeACe: Interactive Installation
by Sustain Create of Stockton University

February 24 - April 9, 2016

Opening Reception: Second Friday, March 11 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Flags for PeACe is a community art installation inspired by the Buddhist tradition of creating prayer flags to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom during times of uncertainty. Written on the flags are the hopes, dreams, prayers, and wishes of the individual people. Together these images will form a quilt-like work of art that becomes a unique demographic map of the city. With this powerful tapestry, the community will be able to tell their stories, share the culture of the area, and potentially inspire social change and a positive future for Atlantic City.

Visitors to the Arts Garage are welcomed and encouraged to bring in unused clothing or fabric scraps to create their own prayer flag on site and add it to the installation. Participants can add their inspiration in the form of a quote, poem, song lyrics, saying, statement, or phrase. Patches of cloth can be decorated with a variety of materials and methods. Be creative and have fun!

Your personal flag will then be added to the tapestry of flags strung throughout the gallery space in the Noyes Arts Garage. While your flag is a personal representation of who you are, when all of the flags are placed together it becomes a representation of the city as it is now, and a vision for the future. Community groups are also encouraged to create sections of the prayer flags which can be fastened to the chain of existing flags in the exhibit. Because the inspirations on our Flags for PeACe are meaningful to the people and community groups who created them, they should be treated with respect.

During Sustain Create's Inaugural Community Art Social on the 9th of April, we as the community of Atlantic City will carefully move the peACe flags in one final procession to hang outside of the Arts Garage as a gesture of good-will and compassion to all those who live, work, and visit our city. Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, the flags will be repurposed into a quilt that highlights the intersection between community, art, and sustainability. Following the completion of the event, the quilt can be displayed at the Noyes Arts Garage and various community centers throughout the city.

Click here for some general guidelines and helpful hints to create your own peACe flag!

The Art of Peace
by Kristina Young

January 19 - February 19, 2016

Kristina Young's art has to be, and always will be, about stopping, breathing, and being in the here and now. Her message and artwork is simple: cherish the moment, live in a positive way, and believe in the healing nature of our earth, the sun, the sand, and the sky. Young's art started as a way to heal herself but it has grown into a way to heal others. She finds that this has been the most rewarding experience of all.

A graduate of Rowan University with a B.A. in Elementary Education, Mathematics, and Science, Young taught in the public school systems for 6 years. She decided to step away from the classroom after a long battle against the "drilling and killing" of students by the education system with testing, testing, and more testing. Young now focuses on her art, as well as tutoring and mentoring youths. This gives her the creative freedom to teach in the way she wants to teach and to engage students of all ages with hands-on, creative, outside-of-the-box art activities that cultivate a love of learning.

Twisted Possibilities
by Jack Dykstra

November  22, 2015 - January 13, 2016

Jack Dykstra has been sculpting with natural woods, wire and metals for about twenty years. He enjoys creating unique characters and unpredictable creatures, very often with a little surprise or twist.

Most recently, Jack has begun sculpting faces from a variety of metals and wires. Each face has its’ own personality and can evoke human emotions and, often, humor. It takes many hours of twisting and bending metals and wire to create the details and effects that Jack is seeking. He has learned these shaping techniques purely by experimenting with discarded materials.

by J. Gras

September 27 - November 15, 2015

J. Gras sketched in pen and pencil his entire life, always sketching people. Within the last 10 years, he took up painting. Gras has no formal training in art and did not want any, as he felt it would restrict his artistic freedom. He learned by trial and error and is still learning by that way. He constantly researches great artists in books and on the internet.

Gras prefers acrylics for their fast drying time and, on rare occasions, uses oils, water color and pastels. He has painted celebrities both male and female, but finds women to be the most challenging to paint. He often reworks old paintings as his style evolves through the years. J. Gras resides in South Jersey and can be contacted at

NJ Soul of Hunger: The Story of Atlantic City

 "Without the bounty from my garden I wouldn't be able to eat any fresh vegetables." -Gary

"Without the bounty from my garden I wouldn't be able to eat any fresh vegetables." -Gary

August 21 - September 22, 2015

Hunger, economic insecurity and poverty are on the rise in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas due to casino closures, downsizing, and massive layoffs. In 2014, four major casinos closed in Atlantic City, leaving an estimated 8,000 people out of work. Unemployment benefits for most lasted only six months, hardly enough time for people to rebuild their lives among the ashes of what was once "America's Playground."

A handful of Atlantic County residents were asked to take photos of how casino closures have impacted their lives and their community. The images in this exhibition tell their stories.

This exhibition is made possible by the NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition (NJAHC) with a generous financial contribution from the JBJ Soul Foundation. In addition, NJAHC would like to express their gratitude to their community partners, Community Foodbank of NJ Southern Branch and Catholic Charities Diocese of Camden, for all their help with this project.

 "Disconnect" - Andrea Sauchelli

"Disconnect" - Andrea Sauchelli

The Earth and Concrete
by Andrea Sauchelli

July 1 - August 16, 2015

Artist Andrea Sauchelli is keenly aware of her surroundings and she depicts the evolution of native and man-made landscapes and their attempt to co-exist. Sauchelli grew up in the Midwest surrounded by agriculture, rows of vegetation, grid-like networks of tree lines and fence rows, power poles stretching across open fields, and mazes of city streets. Now a New Jersey resident of 15 years, on each of Sauchelli's returns home, she is struck by the changes in landscape and the disappearance of small family farms and undeveloped land. Although not all change is dramatic or negative, Sauchelli strives to draw attention to this progression which may go unnoticed in our hectic everyday lives.

Your Adventure Starts Here
by Kim Neild of Bass Pro Shops

May 1 - June 19, 2015

Mission Statement: To be the leading merchant of outdoor recreational products inspiring people to love, enjoy, and conserve the great outdoors.

Bass Pro Shops promotes the love of outdoors through their interactive display and they hope to inspire and delight viewers. Bass Pro partners with many national conservation organizations to promote awareness for the efforts to conserve and save nature. This installation by Atlantic City's Bass Pro Shops was designed by their presentation specialist Kimberly Neild. Neild has over 16 years of experience as a visual merchandiser.

The Art of Jennifer Blair

March 12 - April 12, 2015

Jennifer’s passion for art has existed since she was old enough to hold a pencil to paper. It was not until high school art class, however, that she discovered her true talent and love for the art of painting.

Growing up along the Jersey shore with a yearning to see what the world has to offer has influenced her work greatly. She is continually inspired by her love of beach culture, nature, vibrant colors, traveling, favorite artists and anything that simply makes her happy. Jennifer did not pursue art as a career path, but instead uses it as her main outlet and hobby. She enjoys taking something empty or plain and making it beautiful. Each piece of art reflects her personality and as she has grown, so has her artwork.

Her work has progressed to commissioned paintings of canvases, wall murals, guitars, skateboards, etc. and a clothing line. She loves to share her artwork with others in anyway she can and provide an appeal to the eye that will give others the same pleasure it gives her.

Ascending Beauty
by Glynnis Reed

February 5 - March 6, 2015

Glynnis Reed's latest series Ascending Beauty is composed of portraits of African American women whose beauty reveals images of nature merged with the presence of the divine. Reed uses nature as a motif in this work as a representation of beauty, power, and complexity; qualities of women that Reed seeks to convey through her female subjects. An exquisite beauty radiates from each of these women. They are self-possessed, projecting a daring aura of eroticism, splendid angelic countenances, and a striking expression of female masculinity, all reflections in their own right of a divine creation. These subjects layered and interwoven relate the substance of Reed's dream life and her spiritual aspirations. The work reflects a desire to surrender to a sublime beauty where the patterns of nature, the spark of the spirit, and the captivating presence of women combine.

Glynnis Reed is intrigued by the juxtaposition of elements of photography with fluid mark making and collage that she creates in seamless, digital compositions. Reed values a richly layered painterly aesthetic in her work, tempered by the photographic form. She draws on Baroque landscape painting, medieval religious art and magical realism as influences in this series. Each model is a woman who has been important to Reed in her life, from nieces to close friends, to women whom she has admired from afar. Glynnis Reed seeks to contest the popular images of black women in our culture through this work and to share inner dimensions of her being with the world.

 Concept: The Struggle for Salvation and Faith

Concept: The Struggle for Salvation and Faith

The Search for Bliss
by Robert Herlund

January 1 – February 1, 2015

Robert Herlund strives to create thought-provoking compositions which portray fantastic imagery in religious doctrine or depict the human struggle to comprehend the unknowable.

Monochromatic drawing is the perfect medium to achieve this objective.  Rendering subjects using dramatic contrast gives them greater mystical qualities and symbolizes the dichotomy of good vs evil, temporal vs eternal, and so on. Herlund agrees with Ingres’ statement that “drawing is the probity of art.”

As you contemplate Robert Herlund’s work, hopefully you’ll experience the poetic vision of Eliot (“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing”) or Rumi (“both light and shadow are the dance of love”).  Like mandalas, perhaps they will shape your subjectivity or inspire new phenomena.

If the spirit of Herlund’s work could be translated, he hopes it would read like this:  “At the still point of the turning world.  Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is, but neither arrest nor movement.”  -TS Eliot

AC Holiday Art Expo and Buyers' Market

October 3 – December 28, 2014

The AC Holiday Art Expo and Buyers’ Market is a juried competition in which the top submissions were selected for a group exhibition and public holiday marketplace. The Arts Garage invites you to shop local for the holidays from a selection of the region’s handcrafted goods. This exhibition includes work from the following artists: Talib Aleem, Susan Burkart, Sheila Sporkin Edel, Robert Edelhauser, T A Hahn, Seunghwui Koo, Henry Lovest, Irene Salvato.

The Photography of William West

September 1 – October 2, 2014

William R. West Jr. was born in 1951 and spent his childhood years in Kansas City until his family moved to New Jersey in 1963. William has always had a keen eye for ordinary objects, their patterns and designs, and how the juxtaposition of light and shadow play on them. As his photography has evolved artistically, he has deliberately manipulated these objects into new creations. This particular series is a compilation of objects some of which have been digitally stitched together to form new images. William challenges us to discern what the objects originally were and how they impact the viewer.

 People Wave #23 Acrylic on Canvas

People Wave #23 Acrylic on Canvas

People Waves
by Jon Baker

June 30 – August 30, 2014

Soon after witnessing the heroic leaps of 9/11, Jon began painting his work known as People Waves.

“After a beautiful morning surf session here in Atlantic City, I returned to work to find my co-workers huddled around the office television. There I watched the tragedy of 9/11 unfold. The cameraman zoomed in on debris, quickly panning away with the realization that the ‘debris’ was a person jumping from the top floor of the World Trade Center. Images were released by the associated press the following week in a Newsweek article titled The Jumpers. Most of the souls were falling backwards, flailing, upside-down or facing skyward, as if they did not know or could not face their inevitable fate. There was one picture that was unlike all the others. A man was soaring. Eyes open. Arms outstretched. Fully engaged in spite of what was happening. Heroic and courageous. This man is why I paint People Waves.

We are all pieces of something larger. We develop relationships with those around us. Some try to fight the inevitable while others go with the flow. The fact remains that we must all go over the falls. We all face the same fate. The question is, are you the person falling blindly, twisting and upside-down, not knowing when or who you are landing on, or are you the person soaring, facing life fully engaged?”

Jonathan Baker is a graduate of the Hussian School of Art and St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia. He resides in South Jersey with his wife Kristin and son Noah.

 Salvador Dali Lama by Kyle Wilson – Ocean City High School

Salvador Dali Lama by Kyle Wilson – Ocean City High School

Selected Works: Atlantic County Teen Arts Festival

June 11 – June 27, 2014

This exhibit, selected by professional artists and educators, represents a small portion of the more than 500 pieces of artwork that were on display during the annual Atlantic County Teen Arts Festival held on May 2 in the Art District in Hammonton NJ. The Festival is a project of Atlantic County government through its Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs and is presented in partnership with: The Eagle TheatreHammonton Arts CenterNoyes Gallery ShopTown of Hammonton,Mainstreet HammontonRichard Stockton State College’s Kramer Hall and many businesses and organizations that allowed use of their facilities for the event. In 2014 more than 1100 young people attended from 15 schools. Those in the performing arts presented for the review and feedback of professional musicians, dancers and actors. Film and creative writing students submitted work for review and discussed it with professionals at the Festival. Teens were able to select from more than 50 workshops available for hands-on participation.

Atlantic City Elementary Schools' Budding Artists

May 9 – June 8, 2014

The Atlantic City Arts Commission is sponsoring an exhibition of artwork from Atlantic City elementary school children at the Arts Garage.

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America

March 22 – May 4, 2014

Hometown Teams is a traveling Smithsonian exhibit focusing on the ongoing cultural processes that have made America such a celebrator of sports, through teamwork, leadership and team pride. Through a selectionof photographs, artifacts and memorabilia, the Hometown Teams exhibition explores various aspects of sports and teams, from how and why we play these games to what makes us fans and why we root for our home teams. The story is full of surprises about familiar games, histories of our teams and sports traditions, and how sports and teams have become such an integral part of American society.

As a companion to Hometown Teams, the Atlantic City Free Public Library presents a new exhibit, The Atlantic City Experience: Devotion and Determination. This sports-based exhibit will showcases some of the people and places that are a part of the fabric of the city’s rich sports history.  Highlights include Atlantic City Olympians and all-stars, women sports greats both before and after the enactment of Title IX, and the many venues in Atlantic City where sporting events have occurred.

Hometown Teams has been made possible in Atlantic City, NJ by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. Hometown Teams is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institute and State Humanities Councils nationwide. Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress

 Untitled [Mother, son, and father] Oil on Masonite

Untitled [Mother, son, and father] Oil on Masonite

Visions from the Northside
by Floretta Schiff Mostovoy

January 29 – March 16, 2014

While living in Atlantic City’s Northside, Floretta Mostovoy’s subjects were usually her neighbors.  Her paintings remind viewers of the affinity between Blacks and Jews through their common heritage of oppression and shared fear of random violence. Visions from the Northside is aunique and provocative exhibition based on the people, sights, and underlying racial tension of Atlantic City’s Northside.

You can read the full press release here.

The exhibition was be shown in conjunction with Dante Hall Theater’s world premiere of an original collaboration by Atlantic City native Turiya Raheem, and Stockton Professor Pamela Hendrick entitled Growing Up in theOther Atlantic City: Wash’s and the Northside.