Internships at the Noyes Museum of Art or the Noyes Arts Garage

The Noyes Museum of Art and the Noyes Arts Garage are exciting learning environments that offer compelling exhibitions, cultural celebrations, and engaging programs in the arts.


Interns work closely with staff members in their area of interest, and are offered a chance to make real and important contributions to the Noyes Museum or the Arts Garage while gaining valuable experience in a dynamic work environment. The Noyes Museum is seeking interns who are energetic, enthusiastic, and self-motivated. The Noyes accepts students from qualified academic institutions in the United States and abroad for unpaid positions, although some students arrange for academic credit. 

Internship Objectives:

The Noyes Museum and the Arts Garage provide interns with meaningful educational experiences where students can gain first hand practical knowledge of arts administration. This program is structured to provide opportunities to learn about all aspects of operations. Interns work on a meaningful project under the guidance of a professional, work side by side with the staff, and further their educational goals and career plans. Depending on the project, internships can last from two months to one year, with exceptions for specific January and summer term projects. 

Selection Process:

Interested candidates must fill out the online application and email or mail it to Saskia Schmidt, Director of Education. After receipt of the application, candidates of interest will be contacted to schedule an appointment for either a telephone or on-site interview. All interns will receive information outlining their start and end dates, hours of work, specific intern responsibilities and the name of their direct supervisor. If applying for academic credit, interns must have a separate agreement with a specific educational institution for which the intern is responsible.

Internship Hours:

University and college-level interns are expected to work a minimum of 7 hours per week, with a set schedule, although they will need to be flexible. Some evening and weekend hours are required. All interns will participate in an orientation to familiarize themselves with programs and facility information. Interns are encouraged to attend monthly events and activities outside of their project responsibilities. See the application form below for more information.

High school interns are expected to work a minimum of four days over the course of the year. See the application form below for more information.

Application Forms: