June 29 - September 1, 2019

Opening Reception: July 12, 6 - 8 pm

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100 Faces of War

July 10 - October 6, 2019

Opening Reception: July 12, 6 - 8 pm

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Collective Identity: The Legacy of Apprenticeship Under Toshiko Takaezu

Through June 23, 2019

Opening Reception: April 12, 6 - 8 pm

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Lou Storey: Small Worlds: Kawads, Mandalas & Portals

  • February 2 - April 7, 2019

  • Opening Reception: February 8, 6 - 8 pm

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Art can be like storytelling. To view a work of art is to enter into a different world. The works in Small Worlds offer the Lou Storey’s interpretation of three creative motifs taken from three distinct, ancient and beautiful cultural traditions: the Kawad, the Mandala, and the Portal. Each work tells a story that gives us a glimpse into the personal life and views of the artist while also reflecting a shared human experience of the things we fear, want, believe and love.

Lou Storey, a New Jersey artist, has exhibited his work locally and nationally for over 40 years. He is a Noyes Signature Artist and exhibits his work every year in the Noyes’ Signature Artists exhibitions. His work has been included in group exhibitions at the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Islip Museum, Monmouth Museum and the Texas Artists Museum. His solo exhibitions include the AtlantiCare Gallery, Trinity Gallery, BACA Downtown and The Source Gallery. Storey holds a doctorate in psychotherapy.

Christopher Fabor Muhammad

Christopher Raynard Fabor Muhammad is a visual artist, creative writer, model and actor. He is the founder and director of Creative Force, Inc., a company offering fine art as well as educational and community arts programs. Muhammad is known for his work on community murals, arts education, painting commissions, graphic arts, cartoon character design, apprentice programs and more. He works with a diverse group of grassroots community collaborators, utilizing the creative arts to transform environments and instill cultural values.

RAW 2018: 5th Annual Juried Photography Competition & Exhibition

  •  Exhibition: September 28, 2018 - January 27, 2019

  • Opening Reception, Awards & Live Podcast by Michael Chovan-Dalton (Second Friday): Friday, October 12, 2018, 6 - 8 pm

  • The Juror’s Choice Recipient will be featured, along with other guests, on Michael Chovan-Dalton's live podcast,, during the reception

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Jessica Orlowicz,  caretaker

Jessica Orlowicz, caretaker

Krista Svalbonas,  Eichstatt

Krista Svalbonas, Eichstatt

Sherman Fleming,  invisible n00se bearing witness at underground railroad museum

Sherman Fleming, invisible n00se bearing witness at underground railroad museum

The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University presents RAW 2018, the fifth annual juried photography competition in which the top images have been selected for an exhibition at The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University in Atlantic City. The theme for this exhibition is "Light & Shadow: Form, Metaphor, and Culture.” Photographers may consider this theme in several ways: as the formal use of light in photography, as a metaphor (personal, spiritual, psychological, etc.), or as a representation of cultural concerns (social and political).

JUROR: Michael Chovan-Dalton is a photographer and a professor and coordinator of Photography and Digital Imaging at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey, the JKC Photo Gallery director, and he is the creator of the podcast His podcast features artists with discussions about origins, influences, teaching, books, showing, tools, technology, and anything else that may come up in conversation. He was awarded a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and an MFA from Columbia University.  

RAW 2018 finalists selected by juror Michael Chovan-Dalton:

Juror’s Choice: Jessica Orlowicz, Caretaker, Canon5D3,

2nd Place: Krista Svalbonas, Eichstatt 2, layered laser cut pigment prints, 2018,

Honorable Mention: Sherman Fleminginvisible n00se bearing witness at underground railroad museum, photograph, 2017, 

For full artist statements and biographies for the three finalists: click here

Korean Lantern Exhibition

  • October 20 - December 1, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, October 20, 2018, 4 - 6 pm

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  • Lotus Lantern Festival Video

    This exhibition of traditional Korean lanterns comes to us directly from South Korea through the efforts of the Yeon Deung Hoe Preservation Committee and Jongbok Yi, Associate Professor of Asian Philosophy, of Stockton University. The Yeon Deung Hoe Preservation Committee is working to revive traditional lantern making, and has researched and recreated many Korean traditional lantern designs.


    The lantern is a symbol of luminous wisdom and is made into various shapes and sizes that relate to Buddhist traditions. All of the lanterns represent a wish for the longevity and well-being of all beings. The lanterns are lit to celebrate the birthday of Buddha, to illuminate one’s wisdom, and to pray for the aspirations of those who offer the lanterns.

Alan Willoughby

Double Wall,  Alan Willoughby

Double Wall, Alan Willoughby

  • July 13 - September 23, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, July 13, 6 - 8 pm

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Since his 2016 retirement as the Executive Director of Perkins Center for the Arts (Moorestown & Collingswood, New Jersey), Alan Willoughby has returned to the studio full time and is branding himself as a re-emerging ceramic artist and educator. Willoughby’s work plays within the worlds of function and sculptural form. It includes wheel-thrown and hand-built components, working with both additive and subtractive processes.   Surfaces are multi-layered and include embellishment in the wet clay, painting and wax-resist on greenware, and slip trailing and glazing on bisqueware. 

Willoughby has an MFA in Ceramics from Clemson University, and has been awarded two Artists Fellowships by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. His work and writing have been featured in Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Art & Perception, Ceramics Technical and Studio Potter.  His work has been shown in galleries around the country and is in many public and private collections.

“When I work in clay, when I work with the primal elements of earth, air, water, and fire, there is a connection to something deeper and stronger, more primal.  On days when I enter my studio, I leave behind the violence, the pollution, the global warming, and the consumption propagated by our modern-day icons and begin a quest to understand the deeper meanings in life, the connections to all things.”   - Alan Willoughby


Donna Dodson: Zodiac

Donna Dodson , Zodiac 2, Muskox

Donna Dodson, Zodiac 2, Muskox

In her newest body of sculptural work, Donna Dodson has created two parallel series, referencing both the animal characters associated with the Chinese, or eastern, zodiac as well as the sun signs of the western zodiac. Dodson’s exhibition offers us a menagerie of compelling creatures carved in wood.

Based on birth years from the centuries past to the present day, the Chinese zodiac assigns an animal to each year in a repeating twelve-year cycle. Each of the twelve animal characters is believed to possess distinct attributes. With roots in ancient Egypt and Greece, the western zodiac is based on astrological constellations corresponding to the position of the sun at birth. Over time, each of these constellations has assumed their own unique mythological identity. Curiously, the zodiac has only rarely been the subject of contemporary art.

Carving has taken a new direction in Dodson’s work, and technical surprises and breakthroughs abound. Due to a windfall of wood, she has been able to experiment, creating sculpture in woods such as mulberry, apple, spalted maple, and cherry. The anthropomorphic deities in Dodson’s signature work have morphed into allegories, icons and symbols in which realism and representation play a greater role.

While some interpretations of the Western zodiac characters seem obvious, like Leo the lion, Taurus the bull, and Aries the ram, others resist obvious characterizations. Would anyone associate Aquarius with a beaver, Libra with a falcon, or Virgo with a penguin? In Zodiac, Dodson takes on these peculiar associations and promises to engage the imagination of the casual viewer as well as that of the art connoisseur.

Shifting Momentum: Works from the Noyes Permanent Collection

Lucy Gelman Glick,  Quiet Landing,  Oil on linen, Collection of the noyes museum of art

Lucy Gelman Glick, Quiet Landing, Oil on linen, Collection of the noyes museum of art

  • April 5 - June 6, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, April 13, 6 - 8 pm

  • Education Guide

This exhibition of works from our permanent collection acts as a compelling sister exhibition to the Shifting Momentum exhibition on view at The Noyes Museum Galleries at Kramer Hall during the same time frame. 

Shifting Momentum at Kramer Hall presents the development of abstract art in Taiwan, from the eighties to today. Influenced by Western modernism, the artists in Shifting Momentum address Eastern culture, philosophy and tradition on subjects like ch’i (energy flow), ink calligraphy, huxi (breathing, or to breathe), and traditional window frames. The artists' works reflect the liberal and slowly-opened state of Taiwanese society after the lifting of 38 years of martial law (1949-1987) in juxtaposition to the digitized hyper-accelerated life of today. Shifting Momentum celebrates Asian art and encourages viewers to have a physical, prolonged encounter with works that are culturally rooted in the East. It is through close examination of these techniques and expressions that one may gradually discover a range of interpretations of the self and the core of existence.

This selection of works from the Noyes' permanent collection creates visual and conceptual links to the works from the Taiwanese artists at Kramer Hall's exhibition, providing a bridge between Eastern and Western art, culture, and abstraction.

Drawing Rooms Art Project: JC THE AC

Drawing Rooms is a contemporary arts center located in a former convent building in downtown Jersey City offering exhibition and work spaces to emerging and mid-career New Jersey and New York metropolitan area artists. With twenty gallery spaces, artist workspaces, and the Tenth Room Gallery Shop, Drawing Rooms provides a place where artists can gather, connect and advance their careers. Their innovative and exciting exhibitions, public programs and publications enrich the lives of the community through an appreciation of and involvement with contemporary art.

Anne Trauben is the curator and exhibitions director for this remarkable organization and has assembled a diverse exhibition at The Noyes Arts Garage, featuring works including drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures by selected New Jersey artists.

Constantine Gedal

Constantine Gedal, Untitled, giclee print

Constantine Gedal, Untitled, giclee print

  • February 1 - March 25, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, February 9, 2017

  • Education Guide

The Noyes Museum is proud to present a collection of photographs attributed to the ever mysterious artist, Constantine Gedal.

There are two elements that I employ in my imagery—human being and one’s surroundings.

In order to construct image, I follow the travels of a lone soul in the lands of the other, registering views and moments flowing by, observing pictures seen through the mind of an intricate and elaborate structure that can’t always relate to the world around.

The travels in the world which is sometimes small and narrow as a single bunker, secure and desperate; sometimes wide as an ocean, forgiving and merciless, with layers over layers vanishing down, with deep sky tipped off into the abyss above, where time doesn’t fight space, and choosing direction is futile; no preparations and no second chances—everything happens here and now.

I portray moments of an object’s journey to become a subject across the background of vastness which is turning subject into an object and is getting dissolved into thin air as a sea line disappearing in the midday sunshine.
—Constantine Gedal

The Links: Kimberly Camp

Kimberly Camp,  Nana Wisdom,  Acrylic on Canvas

Kimberly Camp, Nana Wisdom, Acrylic on Canvas

Kimberly Camp was born in 1956 in Camden, New Jersey into an artistic family. Her early life spent exploring museums and galleries with her parents and siblings have a heavy influence on her work, which often depicts family life.

Kimberly Camp began her career as an artist at the early age of 12. She set up a sidewalk exhibition displaying dolls and paintings. Since then, she has participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions across the country, including the American Craft Museum, Smithsonian Institution, University of Michigan, Bomani Gallery, Manchester Craftsman’s Guild and many more. Perhaps most notably, Kimberly spent 7 years as the President and CEO of the Barnes Foundation of Philadephia.

Camp's work is known for creative displays of her own ideas about art in democracy, social equality and diversity.  Many of her items are priced affordable, ranging from $10 to $500, “so that everyday people can buy art.” Camp wants to make an effort to close the gap that sometimes exists between collectors and fans.

“I hope that viewers are able to see something of themselves and those they love in each painting, be it in the glance of one eye, the bend of a knee and an elbow, the smile on a face elated or the absences of human form where animals convey similar glances. Simply put, they serve as a reminder of the reflections of spirit and soul.”

- Kimberly Camp

Highlights from Our Partners

Ron Ross Cohen,  confession,  mixed media

Ron Ross Cohen, confession, mixed media

  • December 1 - January 28, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, December 8, 6 - 8 pm

The Noyes Arts Garage is proud to feature select works from our partners and resident artists in this eclectic exhibition. Artists from the Atlantic City Arts Collective and our Arts Garage residents will feature work across a variety of mediums, including photography, acrylic, sculpture, and mixed media. 

Artists featured in the exhibition are Gladys Coppage, Greg Alber, Ron Ross Cohen, Leonard WIlkinson Jr., Stephanie Segal Miller, Steve Kuzma, Miko Colon, Verneen Chenault, and Quinton Green.

2017 Associate Artist’s Exhibition

James Kent,  Collective Joy for the Multitudes,  Mixed media collage

James Kent, Collective Joy for the Multitudes, Mixed media collage

  • December 1 - January 28, 2018

  • Opening Reception, Second Friday - December 8, 6 - 8 pm

  • Education Guide

The Noyes Associate Artist Members exhibition showcases the work of thirteen artists creating outstanding artwork throughout the state. Works in mixed media, painting, photography, and sculpture are featured. This annual exhibition continues the tradition of celebrating recent work from New Jersey artists, all selected by jury to be a part of the prestigious Associate Artist Member’s group. 

Noyes Associate Artists Members included in this exhibition are: Phyllis Anderson, Jacqueline Boyd of Brigantine, Charles Branigan of Egg Harbor City, Vicky Culver of Howell, James Kent of Oceanport, Dennis Loughlin of Galloway, Christina Sanes of Manasquan, Judith Saylor of Linwood, Mary Trivelli Schatz of Cherry Hill, Diane Tomash, Scott Troxel, Grace Zambelli of Basking Ridge and Michael Zambelli of Basking Ridge.










Christina Massey: Sculptural Paintings

Interwoven 13, mixed media

Interwoven 13, mixed media

  • June 28 - October 1, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, July 14, 6 - 8 pm

  • Education Guide

Christina Massey is a Brooklyn-based artist whose approach stretches the boundaries of painting and sculpture. Massey’s sensitivity to materials, form and process draws inspiration from textiles and re-purposed products. She combines paint with fiber art techniques such as quilting, knotting, and hand stitching. Found materials add meaning to the work, often touching on political or social topics.

Massey's process involves constant deconstruction and reconstruction. She will cut and tear her canvases, removing them from their stretchers and reusing parts of one to begin another. One series leads to another, the past always present in the current and future works.

"I’ll combine new canvas and other elements as needed for the current work, sometimes leaving the surface of the old painting as it once was, sometimes adding more paint on top of it, but still leaving it identifiable as the previous artwork. It’s a process of constantly constructing and deconstructing, always building upon the old for the new." - Christina Massey

Kindred Spirits: Bernard Fineberg & Mili Dunn Weiss

Bernard Fineberg

Bernard Fineberg

  • July 7 - October 1, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, July 14, 6:00 - 8:00pm

The Noyes Museum is proud to present the work of two local artists, both of whom spent their lives and careers enriching the art scene of southern New Jersey. Bernard Fineberg & Mili Dunn Weiss shared common goals and the desire to nurture the arts in their community. Both were born and educated in Philadelphia, and later moved to the Jersey Shore. They exemplify the spirit of art and culture in our region.

Fineberg’s expertise was wide-ranging, teaching art history, drawing, painting, collage, papier-mâché, as well as textile design (which he taught alongside his wife Irene). Both an artist and an intellectual, his approach to art-making tended to be organized conceptually. As he traveled, he carried a sketchbook with him wherever he went, most often working en plein-air (outdoors) to create his signature watercolor landscapes. Throughout his artistic career, Fineberg exhibited in the southern New Jersey area, and his work is now a part of the collection of Atlantic County Cultural and Heritage Affairs.

Like Fineberg, Dunn Weiss was an educator at heart. She taught painting and related media for over thirty-five years and lectured widely on children’s art. She is best known for her course Looking at Art, which used works in museums and collections across the Philadelphia area for interactive study. She was a founding member of the Cheltenham Printmakers Guild and was an Education Chairman of the Cheltenham Center for the Arts, practicing there in the early 1980s. Cheltenham Township honored her as a leader in art education in 1985.

My work always begins with an intense visual experience. Nature, with its infinite variety of colors, forms, patterns, and rhythms, is often the original stimulus. Then begins a long process, which evolves into a picture idea. I strive to achieve a sense of internal order, and yet, within that order, tension is an important factor.  — Mili Dunn Weiss


Michael V. Pascucci: Sculpture

Michael v. Pascucci,  double Encounter

Michael v. Pascucci, double Encounter

Michael V. Pascucci works in a figurative abstract style that emphasizes visual metaphors relating to the human condition. He believes that his sculptures are essentially romantic because they metaphorically connect to core feelings and thus enhance an awareness of self.

"Art triggers our imagination and becomes a means for transcendental feelings about our universal connectedness. As a sculptor, I am inspired by the wonder and awe of how shapes and forms are assembled and integrated into the incredible well-structured and beautiful designs that we find in Nature. I endeavor to create objects that are beautiful and that appeal to our innate sense of beauty. Ultimately, we learn or feel from the works that there is more about being human than meets the eye."  — Michael V. Pascucci


Transform: Works by Ellen Hanauer

ellen Hanauer,  Therapy

ellen Hanauer, Therapy

There are times in our lives when the floor drops unexpectedly from under our feet and propels us on a dark journey. This human condition of loss often feels surreal and affects each of us in profound and unexpected ways.

This is a painful process, as we descend into denial, anger, negotiation and despair. We find ourselves adrift, our compasses malfunction, and we are left disoriented and despondent. Finally, there is acquiescence, the inflection point where healing commences.

This exhibition is an emotional recollection of my own transformation, which has taken me from the abyss to a place where potential is limitless. I have chosen to use fiber as my medium, as it brings an unthreatening quality to this provocative and sometimes uncomfortable subject. Emerging from the darkness has helped me to see possibilities that can only be discovered through the path of deconstruction and reconstruction.

- Ellen Hanauer

A Dark Wood

John Rappleye,  Fractured Vision,  2015, Acrylic and spray paint on paper

John Rappleye, Fractured Vision, 2015, Acrylic and spray paint on paper

"Midway this life we're bound upon, I woke to find myself in a dark wood, where the right road was wholly lost and gone"

- Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

A Dark Wood explores the theme of being lost in the darkness of our fears, doubts and negativity. Dante Alighieri, the 14th century Italian poet, began The Divine Comedy with a character who has lost his way in "a dark wood." It is a metaphor not only for a crisis of faith, but a crisis of humanity. He has lost his spiritual compass, even how to be with and treat people. His character must survey the punishments of Dante's taxonomy of evil before he is able to find a way to even a dim light of hope. There are many aspects of the dark wood and the artists presented in this exhibition interpret the richness of the concept through a range of media and methods.

A Dark Wood was originally presented by Art House Gallery and Curious Matter in Jersey City, NJ

That Shadow My Likeness: Photography by Glynnis Reed

Glynnis rEED,   sURVIVAL

Glynnis rEED, sURVIVAL

In the photo series That Shadow My Likeness, I present my subjects, Alexandria and Melissa, in harmony with and in contrast to the natural landscapes surrounding them. From dappled light to iconic palm trees, rivers and verdant terrain, the characteristics of the scenes underscore the meaning of the figures in each piece. Through diptychs, triptychs, groupings of five images and a selection of single images, I compose a non-linear narrative that forms constructs of black female beauty, femininity, and identity. In the juxtaposition of the images of these two women and their environments, I create a third space that suggests my own subjectivity as a black female artist, in between these constructs of identity and place. I borrowed the titles of the series and individual artworks from poems by Walt Whitman. I use these titles to emphasize the poeticism of the work and to suggest how my "likeness," my persona, is a key dimension of the form and content of the work. — Glynnis Reed

2016 Noyes Signature Artist Exhibition

Jude harzer,  Cleansing, Oil  on Canvas

Jude harzer, Cleansing, Oil on Canvas

This year’s Signature Artist Members Exhibition showcases the recent work of twenty one artists creating outstanding artwork throughout the region. The exhibition will feature works in mixed media, painting, and sculpture. From sculpture to fabric compositions and fine oil paintings, this exhibition is an eclectic mix of work from the Noyes Museum's Signature Artists, a group of distinct artists pre-selected by a jury of regional artists and arts professionals. The opening reception will coincide with Second Friday events at the Arts Garage on November 11, from 6:00-8:00 pm, with artists in attendance. 

Highlights include Amy Evans’ cyanotypes reflecting upon the dream-like quality of childhood memories and family history. Using an alternative photographic process, Evans creates ambiguous scenes rendered completely in a cool Prussian blue. Sheila Grabarsky’s painting, Fantasy Garden, is featured in the upcoming Hollywood film American Pastoral. Adding a little whimsy to the exhibition are Bette Blank’s quirky illustrative paintings, stylistically reminiscent of Maira Kalman’s work.

Artists included in this exhibition: Geoffrey Agrons, Bette Blank, Amy Evans, Joanie Gagnon San-Chirico, Sheila Grabarsky, Glen Guarino, Jude Harzer, Eileen Kennedy, Joyce Lawrence, Alice McEnerney-Cook, Lucretia McGuff-Silverman,Tony Migliaccio, Kristin Myers, Vincent Nardone, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Isabella Pizzano, Lou Riccio, Miklos Sebek, Karen Starrett,  Lou Storey, and Skeffington Thomas. 

Hak Vogrin: A Retrospective

Hak Vogrin, Unititled, Enamel Paint on Canvas

Hak Vogrin, Unititled, Enamel Paint on Canvas

This exhibition features the work of Hak Vogrin, a largely self-taught painter linked to both outsider art and twentieth-century mainstream art. A retrospective tracking the evolution of his work, it starts with his earlier delicate, thoughtful drawings, the ironic cartoons from his underground "comix" of the 1960s, on to his colorful, expressive paintings condemning the ills of American society. Offering powerful critiques on issues such as war, racism, income inequality, consumerism, environmental degradation and the treatment of women, Vogrin's critical voice of reason remains relevant today.


Grand Vista: Twenty-First Century Landscapes

Wes sherman,  crater lake, oil on canvas

Wes sherman, crater lake, oil on canvas

This exhibition highlights recent works by Wes Sherman, Gary Stephan, Ilse Murdock, Judy Simonian and Aaron Williams. Guest-curated by native New Jersey artists Danielle Wolfrum and Wes Sherman, the artists investigate landscape painting as an enduring theme in genre painting as it enters the twenty-first century. Grand Vista: Twenty-First Century Landscapes is on view to the public from August 5 – October 30, 2016 at the Noyes Arts Garage.

The five artists in this exhibition approach the subject of landscape painting with distinct perspectives. Aaron Williams manipulates mass reproductions of iconic natural landscapes, negotiating and reshaping the relationship the viewer holds with these famous places. Gary Stephan’s geometrically precise brushstrokes belie the organic inspiration behind his paintings, redesigning the landscape along a more industrial bent. Judy Simonian uses the landscape as a vehicle for expression, carrying on themes of disorientation and hope from her larger body of work. Ilse Murdock paints within nature to directly situate herself and her audience as part of the larger natural world and to tie the preservation of this environment to her own artistic process. Lastly, artist and co-curator of the exhibition Wes Sherman’s works adhere the most closely to the landscape genre, with impressionistic scenes that guide the viewer along the same paths Sherman travelled when he took in the vista himself.

2016 New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Arts

Consie Bassett,  pawns

Consie Bassett, pawns

The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, in partnership with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, is proud to present the 2016 New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Art. The New Jersey Arts Annual (NJAA) is a statewide juried exhibition of the best artwork produced by artists living and/or working in New Jersey over the course of the past year. The focus of NJAA exhibitions alternates between craft and fine arts. For 2016, the emphasis is on fine art and highlights a cross-section of contemporary art production. The selected works, by a roster of artists at all stages of their careers, showcase the state of fine art and varied artistic practices throughout the state.

The Noyes Museum, along with jurors Joan Bacharach, Senior Curator, National Park Service, Museum Management Program and Stacy Smith, Manager of Publications and Communications, Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University (past curator, The Noyes Museum of Art) juried the largest pool of applicants in the history of the NJAA exhibition series with 1,183 artworks submitted. There are 51 exhibiting artists, making this also the largest group of participants in the history of the NJAA and compelling evidence of New Jersey’s dedication to and passion for the arts.

The Links, Inc. 47th Annual Black History Month Art Exhibition 

E.B. Lewis

E.B. Lewis

Imagine: Featuring the Work of E.B. Lewis

Earl Bradley Lewis has brilliantly illustrated over seventy children’s books during his professional career. His critically-acclaimed illustrations have won prestigious awards such as the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Award. While Lewis has received multiple awards and accolades, he believes that it is not the fame or recognition for the awards and honors that matters, it’s the journey of creating something real, magical and beautiful that can transport the young readers to another place or time. The uniqueness of Lewis’ work stems from his creative process. He believes the best way to illustrate a book is by transporting the reader there, so Lewis visits a location where the story could take place and experiences it with all his senses and then uses live models for his drawings.

Known for bringing to the area prominent Black Artists, this will be the third year that the prestigious Atlantic City Chapter of the Links has chosen the Noyes Arts Garage Stockton University to host their annual Black History Month Art Exhibit.  The Links, Incorporated, founded in 1946, is one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of women who are committed to ensuring, enriching and sustaining the culture and the economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry. The Links, Inc. has a membership of over 12,000 professional women with 272 chapters serving in 41 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Through its philanthropic arm, The Links Foundation, Incorporated, the organization has contributed more than 24 million dollars to charitable causes since its founding. Link members have contributed more than 1.2 million hours of hands-on service to communities throughout the United States and some developing countries. The Atlantic City (NJ) Chapter is in the Eastern Area, which is one of four divisions of The Links, Incorporated.


Stolen Dreams in the Promise Zone by James Dupree

James Dupree is an accomplished artist, and among other things, an educator and successful entrepreneur. His art studio/gallery is located in the heart of West Philadelphia’s Mantua section, and encompasses three city lots.  Dupree, through sweat equity and tens of thousands of his own dollars, transformed a broken down warehouse into an iconic, fully functioning art studio that gives significance to the area in which he was raised.  He designed the 8,000 plus square foot space as a museum, with studios for art production, classrooms, and artist residence. Dupree’s vision is to make a difference through arts & culture in an up-and-coming community.

In December of 2012, the City of Philadelphia, using Pennsylvania’s Eminent Domain Code, seized the deed of the Dupree Studios on Haverford Avenue. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, teamed with private developers, had a plan to transform a section of Mantua into a suburban-style supermarket, which would take up four full city blocks. The site of the envisioned supermarket complex “The Plaza” would reduce the Dupree Studios to a parking lot.  The body of work to be presented in The Arts Garage exhibition will include work that expresses Dupree’s spirit and state of mind during the fight against the impending demise of his dream through “eminent domain.”

Harry's Whimsical World by Harry Hasson

  • April 2 – June 28, 2015

Hasson, a longtime florist, is the son of a Turkish immigrant. His father came to Atlantic City around the turn of the twentieth century and opened his first florist shop in 1919. His father wanted a better life for his son and encouraged Hasson to get a formal education which, being a dutiful son, he did. Hasson, who grew up on Absecon Island and was a lifeguard in Margate, along with being a long-distance ocean swimmer, left to attend Rutgers University; he graduated with a major in economics and a minor in art. When his father passed away, Hasson left his career in economics and returned to Absecon Island to run Hasson and Sons florist.  All was not lost because he could now apply both this artistic talents and his economic skills to running the family business.

Hasson ran the florist shop for over a century. Thirty three of those years were spent servicing the casino industry, which made up 85% of his customer base. His themed exhibits at Caesars in Atlantic City consistently drew the attention of tourists and locals alike. The combination of his imaginative sculptures, colorful floral arrangements, and creative water features made an indoor oasis in the grand temple lobby where visitors could be found sitting along the perimeter of the fountain escaping into the sights, smells, and sounds of “Harry’s Whimsical Village.”

The Links 46th Annual Black History Month Art Exhibit Featuring the Work of Ted Ellis

The Links, Incorporated, is one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of women who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.

Artist Ted Ellis is a passionate man. He is passionate about his family, passionate about his heritage, and passionate about his art. Just ask him and he proudly declares, “I paint subjects that are representative of the many facets of American life as I know it. I like to think of myself as a creative historian. I was put here to record history and all aspects of American culture and heritage. My sole purpose has always been to educate through my art.“ Ellis grew up and was educated in New Orleans, a city known for it’s history, style, and artistic exuberance. This backdrop inspired Ellis to capture the essence of the subjects of his childhood in the glory of their rich cultural heritage.

Extremely dedicated to his craft, the artist draws on his unique style of painting which he refers to as, “Tedism,” a blend of Impressionism and Folk Art. Ellis is a self-taught artist, influenced heavily by the impressionistic painters of Europe and the raw innocence of Folk artists here in the United States. Ellis’ artwork evokes nostalgia and inspires the soul; it speaks.

Ellis, who currently resides in Friendswood, TX, has been recognized as an artist of historical importance. Several of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the DuSable Museum, McKenna Museum, The Free People of Color Museum and the Amistad Research Center.

2014 Associate Artist’s Exhibition

The annual exhibition showcases the work of fine artists creating outstanding artwork throughout the region. The exhibition will feature works in mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture. The Associate Artist Members Exhibition is an important tradition of the Noyes Museum.  We are pleased to celebrate the many gifted artists that are part of the Noyes community of artists exhibiting for the first time at the Noyes Arts Garage.

2014 Signature Artist’s Exhibition

The annual exhibition showcases the work of twenty seven artists creating outstanding artwork throughout the region. The exhibition will feature works in mixed media, painting, sculpture, and fiber compositions. The Signature Artist Members Exhibition is an important tradition of the Noyes Museum.  We are pleased to celebrate the many gifted artists that are part of the Noyes community of artists exhibiting for the first time at the Noyes Arts Garage.

Mike Bell

Playing at the Sands

Playing at the Sands

Artist Mike Bell was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. Best known for his figurative paintings, Bell is an artist whose work is a juxtaposition of iconic pop culture subjects combined with modern day influences. He also creates painted objects, such as bowling pins and surfboards, as well as palm-sized matchbook art depicting pop culture icons such as Mr. Peanut, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Jimmy Hendrix, Frankenstein and Humphrey Bogart. Most of his work falls into the genre lowbrow. Lowbrow art is an underground visual art movement that originated in Los Angeles in the late 70’s, a populist art movement with cultural roots related to underground comics, hot-rod cultures of the street, and punk music. The artwork usually displays a sense of humor.


Brian Fernandes-Halloran

Brian Fernandes-Halloran, “Browsing”

Brian Fernandes-Halloran, “Browsing”

Brian Fernandes-Holloran was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1984. In the beginning of his career, his primary focus was on introspection and social commentary through figurative painting.  His recent art reflects a transition from painting to assemblage; a process consisting of combining found objects to create three-dimensional figures.

As Fernandes-Halloran began to experiment with assemblage, much of his artwork evolved into a reflection of memories and experiences from his college years. His creativity stems from significant experiences and events, such as loosing close friends or his time spent moving between far-away places. He then creates a visual product of his past.

His recent works such as Browsing, a self-portrait of the artist on the computer, are action filled pieces constructed simply in the form of a skeleton. He includes enough visual information in the structure so the viewer can recognize the figure but leaves room for interpretation.


The Links 45th Annual Black History Month Art Show
Featuring the works of Kevin A. Williams

  • February 5 – March 2, 2014

The Links, Incorporated, is one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations of women who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.

Artist Kevin A. Williams of WAK Art Studio of Atlanta, Georgia. Williams is the best-selling artist in the African American print market and a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African American groups, and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival.

This exhibit also included a juried art show with Atlantic City School District students from Atlantic City High, Sovereign Ave., Texas Ave., Martin Luther King, and Chelsea Ave. Schools.

Sponsored by the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic Associates Insurance, Schultz-Hill Foundation, Cape Savings Bank, the Borgata Heart & Soul Foundation and Revel Hotel & Casino.