Noyes Museum of Art

Guided, group tours of the Noyes Museum's galleries in Hammonton and Atlantic City as well as hands-on workshops can be arranged for groups of ten or more. The Noyes' knowledgeable museum guides will lead your group on an informative stroll through the galleries, providing background on the exhibiting artists and analyses of the artistic techniques and subject matter they employ. Tours run forty five to sixty minutes and can be tailored to your group's special interests.

Customized, regional tour packages are also available. Arrangements for sit-down or boxed lunches can be provided. Please make your group tour reservations at least two weeks in advance of your visit. 

Information & Reservations: Contact Saskia Schmidt, Director of Education, at or call 609.652.1776 x5200

School Tours

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For more information: Contact Saskia Schmidt, Director of Education, at or call 609.652.1776 x5200

All tours are linked to NJ State Department of Education Core Curriculum Content Standards. Grade levels are suggestions. Tours are adaptable to specific grade levels. If requested, tours can include an age-appropriate art activity that ties in with your curriculum and/or the art on exhibit.


Get Acquainted (Pre-School)

This program is designed especially for preschool groups with students ages three to five. Young children are introduced to art concepts through developmentally appropriate activities. During the forty-minute program, children will have a picture book read to them in the galleries, look at original art works and make an art project to take home. Standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Learning to Look (K-2)

Young students are encouraged to use their imagination while learning to see more when looking at art. Questions and comparisons guide children to verbally express their curiosity about art. Viewing both folk art and fine art, this program asks the young student to describe what they see and how they feel about it. Searching activities are geared toward increasing observational skills. Standards 1.1, 1.4, 3.1, 3.2

General (Grades 1-12)

This tour provides a general overview of the Museum and its current exhibitions and is ideal for a first time visit. A brief history of the Museum and its founders, Fred W. Noyes, Jr. and Ethel M. Noyes is included. Students will be introduced to ways of examining and interpreting works of art during their visit to all four galleries. Standards 1.1, 3.2

Taking Art Apart (Grades 4-8)

The visual elements (line, shape, color, light, value, texture and space) are presented as the ingredients available to an artist when making a work of art. It is the way in which the artist selects and arranges these visual elements that creates the composition and establishes the mood. The styles of realism, abstraction and non-representational art will be identified and clarified. Standards 1.1, 1.4

Folk Art (Grades 4-12)

Local culture is discussed in relationship to folk art and, specifically, decoy carvings. This tour suggests that art can be considered a type of visual history for gaining insight to past lifestyles. Discussion will include topics such as: the impact that the cycle of the seasons has on people and their art, bird migration and the evolution of the practical decoy into a decorative art form.
Standards 1.5, 6.2, 6.3

The Artist’s Language (Grades 6-12)

Gaining and refining a vocabulary for discussing art can be fun. This in-depth program defines and explores technical terms, stylistic trends and the process of art criticism. The four phases of art criticism: description, analysis, interpretation, judgment will be discussed in an interactive manner. Students will receive a vocabulary list and participate in a brief gallery project.
Standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Meet-the-Artist Days

Meet-the-Artist days provide an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to meet and talk with working artists here at the Museum. Presented by professional artists, these lectures and demonstrations are scheduled in conjunction with current exhibitions.

Meet-the-Artist Goes to School

Meet-the-Artist Goes to School is a program that arranges artist residencies at school sites in the eight counties of southern New Jersey to support and enrich the curriculum. Eight to ten residencies are offered throughout the year, pending funding. Artists are matched by the Museum to teacher's requests and work directly with students in the classroom. 

Please contact the Education Director, Saskia Schmidt, at or call 609.652.1776 x5200 for information.

Young at Art (YAG) Student Exhibitions

This special exhibition space at theNoyes Arts Garage is designated for displaying student art work that has been created in schools or community organizations. Educators in southern New Jersey may register to display their students' work for up to one month; sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. Schools are responsible for hanging and dismantling each exhibition. 

Reservations are required for these programs. Please contact the Education Director, Saskia Schmidt, at or call 609.652.1776 x5200 for information.